My New Refurbished Blackbook :)

So I finally entered the Intel age of Apple. My old Tibook just the other day refused to stay turned on for more then a couple minutes on battery or plugged in. Did not matter. So time to retire the old powerbook much like the Lombard before it. I picked up a refurbished off lease Core 2 Duo black MacBook from 2006 and I love it! The look of it reminds me of my old G3 Lombard with way more speed and the screen is beautiful on it. :) I love the mat black with the white apple logo and was kinda bummed when Apple dropped that look. I was a huge fan of the old G3 powerbooks. Anyway, I am having a bit of a learning curve going from 10.4 Tiger to 10.7 Lion but I am managing ok so far. Took me forever to figure out how to access my hard drive. Looks like Apple has decided to hide a few things from the newbies by default now. lol
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Where did you buy the black MacBook? I sold mine several years ago and want it back... lol

Would love to just have one, keep it at work to use when I need a portable machine... Any feedback would be great!

There is a business in my town that refurbishes off lease Macs used by companies as business machines. They fix them up and resell them at a great price.

I suck at using mac's

My very first computer was an Apple. :)