Mac Rules - Pc Drools

I am a MAC addict and I have NO problem saying it - even in front of a million PC die hards!

I am an artist and a photographer as well as a writer. I don't use my MAC for complicated statistical analysis or data interpretation - that is best left to the PC world.

I use my MAC to create, to enhance my creativity and basically to "draw pretty pictures". No other OS can handle the GUI interface like my lil MACinDoodle.

I used to add color to black and white movies. The process involved 5 Iris super computers working on 5 planes ALL run by a modified 512k MAC!! lol - was an awesome thing to behold, the lil Mac chuggin away and all the IRIS super computers knowing who was in charge!!

I have all the Adobe programs and spend countless hours working on photographs and artwork.

My first MAC was a Lisa!!!

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2 Responses Nov 10, 2009

Bravo... Mac user here as well.

The inner geek in me would have loved seeing those supercomputers (and the modified Mac...)