Aharon <3

I had an awesome time w/my Aharon.
He's so sweet& the gentlest man I've ever met 
I'm leaving the state at the end of August so now that he's finally mine& living apart from his wife, I'm so worried about what will happen w/our relationship.
I love him so much, more than I've ever loved anyone. I don't want to lose him. I know I could find another man but unless that man is him, I will choose to be single. 

My brother said once I leave the state &Aharon is away from me I'll find someone else& completely forget about him - that I'm better off that way. I have to disagree. 
I know my brother doesn't agree with my feelings toward Aharon but his opinions are completely irrelevant  in this. I don't like his wife but I've never said anything to him about her. 
Whenever he gets pissed off w/me he brings up Aharon, telling me that this is his apartment& that he has the right to not allow Aharon to visit me, that he'll tell my parents that I'm seeing an "old, married man." 

First of all, he came out to his wife& doesn't even live w/her anymore. Second, I don't care about his age. I love him so much. I have so much to talk to him about& he's just a beautiful man - with all that he has to offer as a person, it makes me not care about his age one  bit.
micahN micahN
22-25, M
May 23, 2012