Unconditionally, ...

   Unconditionally, I will always love him even if he isn't allways "my man".  I strongly believe once you really love someone you will always love them.  We've been thru alot, we've done eachother wrong, made eachother cry, and cried in each others arms, we've done the impossible, proved our love to the doubtful, and four years later we are still by eachother side remembering our first kiss; the chemistry that we've never felt for another and the sparks that we both felt at the same moment and still share today.  Yes I love him with all my heart and I plan to do so for a very long time.
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Love is great for those with the capacity for it. If this suits the course of your motives than I will gladly support your ideals.

That is wonderful!! I hope you two will continue to make it together. "My man" and I have been together for over four years as well. And we have had to continue to prove our love for each other to other people the whole time. We have also been through a lot. And we have made it when others have fallen apart. We have an age difference that people don't agree with because I was a teenager and he was not. But we stuck together we are now married and have two kids together and even though he drives me freakin nuts, I love him more everyday!! <br />
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So keep up the love and keep showing people just how happy you really are.