Did He Didn't He

i had been with my man for 3 months and i had fallen for him like no other, he wanted to spend time with me and offered me everything i always wanted (emotionally), when i got back from work he was ready with the tea, even though he had been at work all day, he got on with my family really well and we had both fallen in LOVE with each other. he got on with my family and i reall got on with his.

I was due to go on holiday with my family, he had just moved in with one of our friends (a girl i have known for 5 years, and he has known for 10 years). i went away for 10 days and throughout the holiday we kept in contact by many texts and calls, i didn't really enjoy my holiday as much as i usually would have because i really missed him and couldn't wait to get back.

After being back for a month and seeing him every day, he suddenly changed one saturday. i had no idea waht was going on.

On the following tuesday he asked me to come and see him at his home whilst i was in work, i managed to go out and was really worried about what he was going to say, has sat me down and sprung upon me that 2 days before i was due back he had got really drunk to the point of not knowing what he had done. he said he was really sorry but he doesn't know if it is true, but he had apparently slept with his housemate, OUR friend and his sisters best friend. Not only did he want to say this but now she was saying she was pregnant with his kid. Whilst telling me this his eyes were filling up and he couldn't look at me.

i screamed and told him i didn't want to see him, i was so pissed off the only ld i had ever met who had feelings and emotions (for me) was telling me he doesn't know if cheated on me.

after me raging off at him and walking out i went home and got on the fome to her. she said she didn't remember sleeping with him and that she was really sorry. i didn't understand why she was saying it was his, considering she said before he moved in that we would have the house to ourselves every friday due to the fact that she was going to her boyfriends. I couldn't get any sence out of her.

I told me man that i wanted to talk and said i wanted to know more and why. i went to his place of work where we would be alone and he sat and told me his side of the story this didn't add up with what she had said. i started to believe her over him and told him he's made his bed so lie in it! we went to his sisters house and she tried to tell me what she knew, being the girls best friend, his sister is also a mate of mine. whilst i was at his sisters house the other girl had tried calling him but he didn't want to speak to her, cause as his sister told me it was me he cares about and doesn't want to loose me, he didn't want her.

I had decided to stick with him, being the best thing that has ever happened to me, until she knew if she was keeping it and if it was his, i couldn't watch anyone bring up his child.

The next day the girl had got hold of him and wanted to tell him that she had decided to keep it!! it had taken her three days whilst she was indecisive but 40 minutes after she knew i knew, she wanted to keep it!

My man wanted to talk to her to ask y she wanted to keep it as she had not thought about him and his feelings towards the situation. he went around and what she said is what got the heads working and becoming unsure if what she was saying was true. when he said that he didn't answer the phone to her the previouse night because i was with him and he was trying to make sure we would be ok her answer was well y were you looking after her, i'm your priority now!

he returned to his sisers house to meet me, he said:

he asked her why she wanted to keep it if it was not concieved the proper way and that knowing it would only be with her and he could only be a part time dad, this is not he'd ever want. She said we "maybe we could make a go for it" he was not impressed knowing she knew how much he thought of me, he said no, thats no option, he said if it was proved to be his he could only provide her with  the financial support. then she said well thats all i want! he went upstairs to find a list of house prices in her handwriting, the houses were out of the area where she said that she wanted to move to a few weeks ago, and there is no way that she could afford these house prices! she told him he was a soft lad and shes had him hanging just where she wanted him! she had told him she was seven weeks gone and it was definatly his!!

me and his sister had thought about it and had realised that if it was his then she would only be 4 weeks gone. his sister had a call off her later on saying why are you letting her around your house, refering to me, in reply she said well i don't think you can make it out that  shes done anything wrong, shes the innocent one in this, you slept with her partner. they both fell out as the girl started calling his sister for no reason!

he later realised he left the key to where he was staying, at the girls, so i took him around, to show that i was standing by him, nothing she had said added up, he went in got the keys and asked for a dating scan because it was three weeks difference than what she has said. she went mad and hit him several times on the head with a phone andpushed him into the wall. then kicked him out!

i was raging and wanted to go for her, but he calmed me down, then she had the cehk to call his sister again and say don't you believe me, and she said well the dates just don't add up. so the girl started slaggin his sister off.

The girl had the cheak to threaten his sister and and then decided to slag me off by voicemail and so when i called her up and confronted her about it she appologised and said sorry she was in the wrong, but i wasn't falling for her guilt trip!

i have since recieved calls of friends of both of us saying i was out of order for telling him to get rid, which is far from the truth, they have been trying to split me and him up but i ain't falling for it i LOVE him and he feels the same, if he wanted to he could have ended all of this by sayin he remebered all of this of he didn't sleep with her but he has told me the truth and i admire him for that.

i know there will be people out there who think i am stupid for taking him back considerin he doesn't know, and people who will think y have i not forgive her well the matter is she has tried to tear me and his family away from him and has been making up things about me saying i was in the wrong, and trying to tell him i was trouble, but his sister and his friends know otherwise, i don't drink, take drugs of and kind and don't smoke, but most of all i am the kind of person who will try to get on with most people and if i think that there is going to be trouble then i will walk away from it. 

I have found the one person who can make me happy for the rest of my life and i am not letting anyone take him away from me. we have decided to get through this together.  

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I agree that her story seems a little wishy-washy, and now I am hooked and want to know, who did the father turn out to be?