I was asked today if I have a knight in shinning armor or a dumbass in tinfoil. Well, I have been thinking about it and I am pretty sure I have a dumbass in tinfoil. Yeah he doesn't have much he has a ****** up family and a ****** up past, but don't we all. My dad keeps asking me why I would want to be with someone with no job. Well, I don't care if he has no money, money isn't everything. If I wanted a relationship based off of money I would still be trying to get back with my ex. Ashton is a good man and he treats me right. He fights for me when people are trying to break us up. He's been one of the only people that have been able to get me laugh so hard I look stupid cause I can't breathe and I keep snorting. I smile so much everyday I wake up the next morning and my cheeks still hurt. Isn't that what a relationship is, finding happiness with someone else? Yes he does have a few things about him that I don't like but what I do like about him out weighs what I don't like. He's not the most perfect person in the world, but there's not one person who is perfect. We are happy and no matter how hard people try we are standing strong and we aren't letting anything break our relationship.
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I'm jealous.