It's My Favourite Home Appliance

Who ever invented the pulsating shower head & thought to put it on long hose deserves the Nobel Prize for *******.

I LOVE my multi-speed shower head! I start every morning with a quick steamy rinse of my whole body then the nozzle comes off the overhead thing & goes straight to work.  I like to have it about an inch away from the top of my **** hood.  It doesn't take long.  If I shampoo my hair, I usually go for a second come while I am waiting on the conditioner.  What do non-masturbators do while their conditioner works?

I remember staying at a friend's place once & the hose on their shower head was too short to reach.  Wow, was that ever frustrating until I learned to hold it out & aim!    

SallyForth SallyForth
31-35, F
7 Responses Mar 14, 2009

very sexy

Which one do you use? I want to get my gf one.

Non-masturbators? What is that?<br />
I've *** many times from the feeling of jacuzzi jets on my **** or anus. What a different feeling to *** without ever touching myself.

Please I want to know about using the appliance while somebody was listening from outside.Will you like to enlighten me.

Every morning, I love the feel of the water pulsating against the head of my ****, it grows more intense as I stand there.

works well on guys too! had a 'playfull' shower session with an ex and she grabbed the shower head and aimed on 'me', what a sensation!

"like a thousand fingers ..." lol