We Are One -for My Mistress

When You are hurt I am hurt
When You are stressed I am stressed
When You are sad I am sad
When You are disappointed in me I am disappointed in myself
When You are happy I am happy
When You feel good I feel good
When You are angry...well I'm not angry I am more scared lol

But anyways... I think I made my point
You are my Mistress and I belong to You. I know I am only the pet, but when You feel something I feel it too. It affects the both of us and I just wanted you to know that. I love and care about You so much Mistress. ♥♥
YourLittleAngel YourLittleAngel
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Very nice tribute

Thank you

Very loving post. Your Mistress must be very proud

I hope so :)

Has your Mistress allowed you to come yet?

Yes Sir :) The day I posted the story she did.

EXCELLENT I am so Happy for you. Keep up the good work of pleasing your wonderful Mistress everyday find a way to make her more and more of your world. Never think you have given everything always strive to find something new to give her. By that I mean emotionally and mentally not just sexually. You have embarked on a wonderful life little one treasure every moment.

Wow thank you so much Sir!!

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