The Fight

It was awful.Just today,we were having lunch.we were chating while we were eating.Sudenly,my mom started fighting with us for no reson.
She said 'look kids,i dont wanna do your stuff anymore.Your dad has been worrying all about his bisuness for FOURTEEN years,while i have been working around the house for the entire time.i have decided to not celibrate your birthdays,any function,or anything.ask your dad for all this"I had no idea what was going on.i remember that my mom and dad were fighting this morning.if you were there you could tell they were shouting so loud,I felt like birthday was in three days.(April 9).She started talking again.,i dont care about your birthdays any more.ill rather move back to Pakistan then stay here.,i started talking back to HER.,If you dont want to live here,then why dont you move back now?if you hate us so much,then why do you tell us what to do?This went on for like 30 minutles.After the fight,i went to my room and got out my laptop.I went on to google and searched from the words'What to say to your mom when you hate her' and i went on one after one until i found this one.I hope you guys remember this.
alinashah alinashah
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2 Responses Apr 6, 2012

yeah..these constant arguments are unbearable.

This experience is gonna be hard to forget