I Can't Stand It

I love my mom to death, I don't know how to thank her for all the things she has done and given up just for me, the only way I can feel like I show her my gratitude is by getting a good education & behaving which I do because I want to make her really proud. I help around the house as much as I can especially now that she's pregnant I never leave her side and I barely go out wich sometimes gets me a little depressed but I get over it because well, it's my mother, I'm not like most teenagers, I'm very mature for my age, I like old school rock ad roll & my taste in clothes is quite odd, I love the fact that she's open minded & has agreed to let me get a few conservative piercings, and even though we had some trust issues when I was 15 & younger (I'm 18 now) because I lied about having secret piercigs & stuff but we thought we were past that but apperently not because every time I go out which I don't do often, when I come home she asks me "who did you hook up with" and believe me I have a good sense of humor I don't care if she cracks the joke once a month but every time I go out? Please. It gets in my nerves. I haven't dated a guy since April and now I'm talking to someone but I take it slow & I'm always honest so or her to do that really drags my self esteem to the floor somehow. Also she asks me if I smoke regularly when I make it clear I don't. Like today, I went out yesterday and came home everything was fine but today I straightened my hair before going out with her & my hair smelled like burnt hair but she assumed it was marijuana & I had to go home & straighten my hair in front of her to make her believe that's where the smell was coming from. I've told her a million times I do not smoke. And I don't. I never have & I never will because it's gross & I hate depending on anything to be emotionally stable so I don't smoke I don't do drugs and I drink at birthdays and whatever but never to get drunk & forget about my problems so it aggravates me when she doubts my words & Im being 100% honest. I love her but it brings me down when she doubts what I say
LostInNirvana LostInNirvana
18-21, F
Nov 25, 2012