Is it bad that I don't want to love her? My whole childhood I've had to be the parent. I was always scared to death that she'd get too messed up (on whatever her choice of drug was that day) and something horrible happen. I couldn't sleep at night because I wanted to look after her. She signed her rights over to one of my little brothers when he was 6. After that it was Just me and my other little brother, who wasn't even one yet. I feel like she stole my childhood and she took that mother daughter bond away from me. To this day she is still very bad off. She doesn't call me to see how I'm doing , but yet I still call her to see how she's doing. I feel like she will never love me because she doesn't know me. It hurts. I just want to not love her and not worry about her all the time.
ShaiLayne ShaiLayne
22-25, F
Aug 18, 2014