My mom is where I got my strength.

When I was 5 years old, my mother told my father that she wanted a divorce. With very little money she was making herself, with no family surrounding her, she packed up her things with her two children, got an apartment and moved away. The house went into foreclosure. She had to build herself back up.

She threw herself into her job, and when she would come home, she would make dinner for her children, and do what she could to help us. Every night, no matter what, she put us into bed at 8pm. So she could have some time to herself to figure out the things she needed to figure out.

This was the life she chose. She put her own needs aside to truly be their for her children, and to give her children the best lives they could possibly have.

She eventually, two years later, wrote the bank a letter, when she applied for a mortgage explaining everything. The bank approved the amount, and she was now going to become a homeowner on her own. She has put so much into her home. She has been through a lot, and she is so incredibly strong.

She was there on the days my father called me up to cancel his plans with me. She was there on my good days. Such as my graduation, getting into college, preparing for my ACT, going through college, planning a wedding, get married, and then getting divorced. She was there when I bought my first home, and when I lost my first home. She was there. She is there now accepting him with open arms.

My mom is my strength. She is my support. And I love her so much for all that she does. She has taught me the true strength of unconditional love.
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Jul 24, 2010