I love my Mommy. My mommy is diagnosed with Diabetes type 1 and M.S. (multiplescrarolisis). My mommy is a strong lady, she takes care of me, and my 3 other siblings even though she is very sick. She goes to church with us on Sundays occasionaly, and she is just great. A lot of times my mommy can't get up and she cries a lot becuase she is in a lot of pain. And a lot of times my siblings and I get upset with her becuase she rarely is with us but we always forget that she is in a lot of pain and she can't really do to much anymore... Most of the time she sits on the computer with her friends that also share the same sickness with her, and it always feels like she is NEVER there for us anymore. Daddy says we just have to keep praying for her and I know Jesus is watching out for her. She is strong in her faith as well, but sometimes I wonder. IF everything happens for a reason, I always wonder why this happend, what was the reasoning for this? Was it to bring my family closer? Or to be thankful that it didn;t happen to one of us? Or to appreciate her mores? I don't know, and I wish I did. I'd give anything, and I mean anything if it meant my mommy was well and healthy again. If it meant she could walk and she wouldn't cry, if it meant she could wake up and feel like brand new. I miss the way she used to be, she would take us to the park and cook for us, go to church every sunday with us, smile and laugh with us, and sing too. But all of that seems so very far away, almost as if she was never happy. I wish that she was well again, I loveyou Mommy<3, I wish she knew how much i love her. I always worry that one day she will go and she will never know how much i love+ care for her.I remeber when we were out going to pick up some pizza, she had in it her hands and out of nowhere she tripped. Good thing I was behind her, I caught her before she hit the ground. She was so scared and so was I. I wonder if she will ever get better....
SuperDuperBecky SuperDuperBecky
18-21, F
Jul 28, 2010