Da Best!

It took me 26 years to truly appreciate my one and only best friend in my entire life - my mother. I now start acknowledging all her value! She's been there for me since the very beginning, giving everything (material and psychological) to me! No matter how tired or stressed out she might be, I'm always her #1, always! She showed me what a real, real unconditional love is and that's very inspiring. Even though my character doesn't allow me to live with her without fights and bickering, I LOVE HER more that anything in the world!!!
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26-30, F
1 Response Jan 29, 2008

Good idea, mapleman! Although I'm telling her I love her to death all the time, I'm reminding her how much I appreciate her, that she's my absolute best friend and a blessing from above. <br />
I never used to be "I hate you mom!", but I've been definitely a nasty attitude child after my puberty. Of course she yelled at me and called me nasty names as a hopeless reaction to my atrocious behavior, but I'm not blaming her anymore. <br />
Overall I've been a very good, relatively problem-free child, but I know how many times I've hurt her for no reason and all she did was love me back and give everything at all times. I mean, this is totally insane:)