I've always been close to my mom. We were actually best friends. We loved to go shopping together, We would always watch The Young and The Restless. We listened to the same music. We both used to be crazy for Micheal Bolton. We hardly ever fought. She was always there for me. I could talk to her about most things. She always understood me. Things didn't start getting rocky until I met HIM. My husband and her did not get along. She saw him as a no good theif who stole her baby. I was always put in the middle of their fights. I felt like I was being made to choose between my husband and my mom. Our relationship suffered for a while. Until she opened her eyes and saw that my husband was really a good person and that she didn't lose a daughter she just gained a pain in the ***. She could live with that. We repaired our relationship. I love our heart to heart talks over coffee every once in a while. I love her hugs. There's no hug like hers. I also miss her cooking no could cook like her. But Shhh! don't tell my husband he would be jealous. She even helped me when I came to her and told her I suffered from depression. She understood all to well. She had postpartum depression. She was put in the hospital when I was a tiny baby. She got better and made her way back to me. She helped me get through it. We are so close today. If I could dedicate a song to her it would be A Song For Mama by Boyz II Men. The lyrics in that song are exactly what I would want to say to her.
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Moms rule. <br />
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You know another good song.<br />
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Dear Mama by Tupac.