Me and mommy have lots of fun! We do lots of things. We have story time, cuddle time, mommy milk time(yum), and many many other things. One time when we were shopping I got lost:( I cried for mommy and a security persons helped me find her. She was so happy to find me she let me have big boy drink when we went for lunch. I usually only have milk. But that day I had milkshake. I split it thou and mommy had to change my pants. Another time we were playing cow boys and I had a poo in my pants and Insted of getting mad and making me take a bath like my nannys did, we played in the sprinkeler to clean me up. The last time I had a scary dream she culled me in my bed and gave me some mommy milk and she napped with me. She didn't even get mad when my pull up leaked and there was pee pee on her! I love mommy and she loves me! Liam and mommy forever!!!!
Liambear Liambear
18-21, M
Jan 8, 2012