My Mother:

My mother had my 2 sisters and I when she was 16 years old. Her father told her that if she didn't have children he would've killed her. So since he threatened her, she did as he said. My father didn't want to do that, and my mother didn't either, but if it was going to keep her safe, then they were going to do so. My mother had triplets, but that wasn't "enough" for her father. A year later, my mother gave birth to another child. Still wasn't enough so 5 and 8 years later she had two more children. She then realized that if 6 kids weren't enough, he'd never be pleased. Lets call this an introduction. Now lets begin the actual story.

Although I spent 10 years of my childhood life not living with her, I still learned things about her. I had a sudden drop in grades as soon as I went to high school, and that was the time that we moved back in with each other. My parents were both very busy since they were both doctors. My mother soon found out about my grades, and made time with me to help me improve. So I was about 13 years old at the time. I will explain how much of an impact she has on all of my siblings:

Youngest sister - Alissa. She was little at the time and she is 9 years younger than my sisters and I. We could tell her, "You're too young to (whatever the thing was)," and the first person she'd go crying to is our mother. Our mother isn't home? No problem for her, she had her phone number memorized. I believe we were around 15 or 16 years old when she did that the most. So she was about 6 or 7.

2nd youngest sister - Alice. She was 9 or 10 when I was 15 or 16. She was quiet and very smart for her age. She was always around my parents. If she wasn't doing homework, she was reading the Bible with my parents, if she wasn't reading, she was volunteering, and if she wasn't volunteering, she was cleaning. She was a very good kid, and was very excited when my parents moved back together.

Middle sister - Lola. She's one year younger than I. She was always reading her Bible. It was either homework, school, or Bible. She brought it everywhere with her too. She even had a pocket one so she could read it at school and in the car. I don't know what my mother had said to her, but she was certainly addicted to her Bible. If she missed a day, she'd stay up all night catching up.

Me! - Justin. My mother had convinced me to become a Christian. I really appreciate that. Both of my parents did to be honest. If they would have never did that, who knows where I would have been.

Older sister - Elizabeth. Well my mother persuaded her too, for awhile. Now I can't say too much because she'd get kind of mad. Sorry sis.

Oldest sister - Ayanna. Now I think this is the biggest impact right here. She didn't want to graduate because she wanted to be a failure, and I remember my mother said that she wasn't going to be a failure because that wasn't going to happen. She played sick, tried to break her leg, and other things. She really didn't want to graduate. Surprising, huh? I think it was because she was an honor student which she really didn't like. Ayanna really looked up to our mother. Whatever our mother knew how to do, she forced herself to learn. When she was younger, she use to follow our mother everywhere. The funny thing is that after our mother graduated, she was going to college, and Ayanna always tried to follow her there. When our grandmother explained to her that she couldn't go with her she'd say, "Okay!" and sit in front of the door until our mother came home. But she always threw up on our father every time he held her - Poor dad, Lol.

So our mother has taught us and has always been there for us. :) So I thank God for letting me have one of the best mothers ever. :D And I'm going to end it with a quote my big sis came up with: "Me without my mother is like a fish without water."
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Your mom is pretty awesome :) great story bubby

:) Thx sis

Anytime bubby :)