Need Advise

Myself Tanya..i need to take a decision.pls help me out frds.
Nw the problem is ,i came out to my childhood best frd(S) recently.i told her dat i love someone nd she told me she already knew dat the person i love is my another bst frd(T).now T is married.S told me not to think about her just move on and try a relationship with a boy (A).dis boy is my frd nd he asked me to be his i knw i dnt like boys.S is saying dat i should carry on with dis will make me forget about T.S told me people will not accept these kind of relationship.she told me it is natural to get attracted with dnt think about it too much.nw she is forcing me to build a rlnshp withA. i knw dat i need a someone to forget about i dnt want it with a boy:/ my question is dat should i tell him about T or i love someone else.pls give me some advise???
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Wanna tell u guys dat i told him 2mths ago the truth.he said i m confused n he's gonna wait for me.i hvn't called him since then. which is ok wid me.
Thx guys for ur opinions. :)

Amake add koro please

Tanya, you have to go with your own feelings,people give you good advice,but at the end of the day its you who has to decide,this one that is married,try to move on from her,your b/f,probably wont understand that its a woman you want,its your life my friend,it will be hard,but if its a woman you want,thats what you have to aim for in life,I wish you good fate in life.

but plz tanya dont get mad @ me maybe coz I dont get ur world! rgds n love...! no need to rush matters ! take ur time n let it take cr of ur problems!

tanya, thnx a ton 4 addin me as a frnd. U may not like my advise. but still since u r thinkng, let me speak my heart 2 u . I think 2 some extent ur frnd S` is correct, coz I nvr get the worth of gay n les relations as I am nvr sure of the FUTURE of these relations! Wld u nvr like to enjoy the most blissful feeling on this earth of becoming a mom, like ur own mom did? believe me a boy who loves u truly is the most heavenly feeling, n sex with him can drive u crazy with pleasure! just try it sometimes

Don't do something that you don't want to, just because what you actually want isn't and relationships can't be a matter of convenience....Cheshtaa kor to just move on in life and wait for the right far as people and acceptance eshe jaay...ultimately it's your life...your pain, your joy.....

I m doing wht i like.rt nw i wanna be u r saying dat i should tell him everything rt?

yuppers....just come out with it honestly and if he's a friend he'll understand...anyway being single is in point, yours truly :P
chaap nish na...this too shall pass :)

Thx yaar for giving me hope..:)