My Mother :)

My mom is my hero. She is a example of the person I want to become, I want to be the next Gramilia. I look up to her. She is strong, has great courage, and has lived love in the face of anger and abuse for decades. Her father abused her, her mother and her grandmother were the only adults there for her. She's shown me that it is possible to be okay even when things are bad. She teaches me to stay strong no matter what. She's steady and calm when things go wrong. To me, no one else on earth can compare to my mom. Even though sometimes I fail to listen to her and act the way I should, I still love her and will continue to strive at my best for her.

My mom is one the most caring and compassionate person I've ever known. She is a doctor and helps others at her job, at home, and in our environment. She volunteers in her spear time. But no matter how busy she is, she'll still stop everything to spend time with all of us and just to check up on us. She worked hard her entire life first to help support her siblings since her father and mother were divorced, and it was only her mother who was also a doctor so she was busy.She went to Harvard University, and received an excellent education her entire life. She had me when she was only 16 years old, by force, but my dad wasn't the one who forced it. Even though she was a 16 year old she still was there enough to make she that my siblings and I were okee. She would do without everything to help a needy child, adult or senior. And she loved me unconditionally and stood by my side even though I was a terrible teenager. I will always love and respect her and strive to be more like her.

She is one of the most wonderful person God ever created. And she is made out of love.
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Wow!!!! That's awesome......


Momma is amazing I love her and I love you sissy I know momma is proud of you.