She Has Done So Much For Me

Words can not express how much I appreciate my mom. Growing up she loved and supported me, even though I apparently was not the most respectful son. She has given so much, even now as I'm an adult. After my wife left and filed for divorce I couldn't afford to live on my own so she opened up an extra room for me to stay in. I'm very thankful that, not only because I have a roof over my head, but because I know my kids have a safe place to stay when they're with me.

I am currently working on building my life back to the point where I can support myself again, but after all is said and done I will never forget what my mom has done for me. Even though I am an adult and have my own (albeit split apart) family, as my kids live with my ex-wife, she still continues to have a very important role in my life and I am eternally grateful.
Army0917 Army0917
31-35, M
May 13, 2012