Too Close?

  I have always been extremely close to my mom. Maybe it has to do partially because, for a while she raised me as a single parent. I was her reason for being and she wanted to give me everything that she never had. A very common story of course. My question is, can you love your mom too much?

  I've always felt that the relationship between my mom and I has been like no other that I could compare to. All of my friends growing up (and still) are not as close or share the same relationship with their mom as I do. Even my boyfriend finds my relationship with my mom unnatural. Sometimes I just don't know how to feel

  My mom is like any other person I've had in my life; a great friend---except with my mom I feel that she wouldn't betray me for trivial reasons. Anyway my issue is with myself, my boyfriend and my mom. See, he believes that now that I have him, I shouldn't need to bond as much with my mom or want to spend time with her on the holidays. I feel the exact opposite. He gets upset whenever I turn down his offer to spend a holiday with him and his family, but I want to spend it with mine. I just think I have a very close relationship with them and I always will. Is this too close though? Are there ways around this problem?

  My boyfriend has told me that being to close to any parent can be problematic especially when you disagree or want to break free of them. I think it's the opposite. I think the closer you are, the more they are willing to understand and communication with you. I know everyone is different and has grown up differently, but I just feel that a parent should always try to be close to their child; they are not just your offspring to raise, but a person that has a part of you inside them, and you should try to make connections with them. Does any of this make sense?

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It's perfectly understandable. I feel the same way about my mother.