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Heart Touching

                         !!!!!!!!............Heart Touching...........!!!!!!!!!
Son said to his mom:Mom,why are you crying?
Mom:Its nothing child......
Son:Mom!Mom!Mom,why are u crying?
Mom:its nothing baby......he looks in mom"s purse& find a letter 4rm the doctor saying that
she has a cancer and only has a few days to live
next day on the news
it says: they found a baby death with a death note saying: mom i killed myself. I'll be waiting  for u in heaven"i love u mom"
BinteEshrat BinteEshrat 18-21, F 1 Response Oct 5, 2012

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Its really heart touching... I just cant imagine my life without my mother.. I guess even i could have done tha:)

same is with me i love my mom