I Just Wanted You To Love Me

Car approach the door.
"Mom, why do I have to come here?"
my mom sat her hand on my lap gently.
"She's ur real mom and wanted an open adoption. She has visitation rights"
I stared at her with fire.
"She's not my mother. She abandoned me. She didn't even wanted me!"
I throw her hand off my leg.
I clintch my fist together in anger.
my mom leaned in closely
I began to sob into tears of fear and sorrow.
mom unbuckled my seatbelt and sat me on her lap.
Me as a 12 yr old sitting on my mom's lap
"Who's mommy warrior?"
U said nothing.
"Whose mommy warrior?"
I then at that time grinned.
"I am...I'm ur warrior"
I wrap my arms around her neck.
we study eachother eyes and expression.
"Wanna know something?"
I eagerly jumped to know
"Yes mom...I want to know everything."
She pulled my strands of hair out of my face.
"God, has sent you for a reason. U will go into ppl lives and bless them and bring them joy."
I smiled happily.
"Well I'm lucky ma."
she looked confused.
"Cuz Silly mom, God gave me you"
She gasped with love. And kissed my forehand.
Then an object approached.
it was the woman who gave birth to me but yet abandoned me.
my arms clenched tight around my moms neck.
"I can do all things thru christ who strengthens me"
I loosen my grip.
Walked out the car. Face to face with the devil herself.
she had that played smile she always put on for my mom.
She grabs my hand and leads me towards the house.
Few steps in, I turned and ran towards my mom.
She wrapped me in her arms
I cried while chanting my saying
"My mom is leaving today, but she's coming for me later in the day. I am her warrior that prays to protect me from any harm or evil coming my way"
I leaned In more
"You're my real mom."
I set my feet on the battlefield ground.
Walked with the lady who gave birth to me but yet abandoned me...
turn and made sure that the lady that actually breathed life into me was still there.
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2 Responses Nov 17, 2012

Oh Rae that was beautiful, written with love for the one who breathed life into you. :)

Thanks. I love her so much.

every mother loves her kids certainly !