She Changed My Life

I was a typical teenager, always wanting to hang out with friends, be away from home, be free, you know.. Do all those things fifteen year olds want to do. When I turned thirteen, the relationship I had with my mother went down hill very fast. We were always fighting. Always. Not a day would go by that we didn't fight. But what can I say? I was a mouthy immature teenager. I'd always tell my mother I hated her, and other awful things that I am too ashamed to even admit to. My mom loved going to church, she wasnt the type of person to shove the bible down your throat, but she always encouraged people to have a healthy relationship with God. One Sunday morning, my mom came in to my room and was telling me to "get ready we're going to church!" I automatically told her no because "i was sleepy". I had a friend stay with me that night, so we definitely didn't want to get up at go to church. Surprisingly, my mom gave in and let me stay home. About an hour later, my friend and I decided to watch the whole Saw series (we only made it to the end of the first movie) at the end of the saw movies, the guy behind the whole master plan tells the viewer that the only reason he puts people in deadly traps is because he feels as if they don't appreciate their life, the people in their life, or life in general. Ironically, as we were watching the very end of the movie (and he was saying how people didn't appreciate life) I got a phone call from my brother. My mom had been hit dead on by a moving vehicle while walking to her car out of church (ikr? out of all places, it happend at church) I was in shock. I had no idea what was happening. I was afraid of losing my mother, and all of the hurtful things I've ever said to her I instantly felt so guilty about. I go to the hospital and went to visit my mom in the ER. With God's loving grace, my mother was going to be okay. She left the ER a few hours later only suffering from a broken neck, messed up hips, and a few scratches. Although it was the least of our worries, her car was also dented because she was pinned against her car, and the one hitting her. From that day on, I learned to appreciate my mom sooo much more. I feel like it was a message from god saying "wake up!" and it definitely woke me up. I have learned to appreciate the people in my life so much more from mothers accident.. With a little help from the saw movies reminding us to appreciate our life at the end of the movie.
kanismith kanismith
18-21, F
Nov 30, 2012