Moms And Growing Up ?

Why is it when your young your mom and dad mean everything to you then as you grow up and enter your teens ,they don't understand you at all or you think they don't .As I grew and made my own mistakes I lost some good friends while making my own mistakes but never my mom .She stood by me even in the thick of things .Sometimes I had wished not to stick by myself but who could i lean on my Mom .She is everything I wanted to be .My best friend I go to her still for advice the only thing i wish i could of done different was growing up I wish I hadn't put her threw so much with my drug problem as a young women .But now i to have my own two sons and thank god there doing great and I am there every step of the way for them too .
Loritheresa Loritheresa
51-55, F
Dec 4, 2012