What's My Name?

I remember being really little, maybe 4 or 5 and asking my mother how to spell my middle name. She sat and helped me spell it. All through school, that name was put on paperwork.

I left home when I was a junior in high school. At that time, I got my birth certificate from my mother. I didn't bother to look it over really good. After all, It just has my name and my parents name pretty much.

Well, right before my senior year I got pregnant and had to fill out paperwork for medical stuff. I got a call back saying that there was some issues with the paperwork. Apparently the name didn't match the social security number.

After a closer look at my birth certificate, that middle name that my mother sat and taught me how to spell, that name that was used on every piece of record from my childhood (except for my birth certificate), was not my middle name.

Apparently, maybe she was drugged or something, but she didn't fill it out. Obviously she had to sign it, but never looked it over first. She herself never noticed all those years, that it was not my recorded name. Strange but true.
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That must of been a shock. I actually changed my 1st name legally & my parents had a fit. Oh well!

My dad's bc was wonky too.... His mom swore up hill and down the girl who took the info messed it up!!

My sister in-law recently learned hers is botched - bout age 38(?)

Her father's name is not recorded and her mother is an immigrant - awarded citizenship by marriage BEFORE they returned to the States. She's kinda in passport limbo STILL as I understand it - and has never been OUT of the US.

I don't feel so bad then..lol
Poor woman. I hope she gets it straitened out.

That's a great story. Its okay mom! LOL