My Mother My Life

Well my story is a quite sad one, uhmmm okay. I am the first born of both my parents and when i was round about 2years old my parents separated. They both went their own ways, my mom met a men and they had three kids together and my dad met a women and they have three kids together. in total i have 6 siblings. Well my father took me from my mother when i was 4years old, i barely saw my mom, but i knew she loved me. my mom stayed in a village and me, my dad, his wife and my siblings lived or live in town. When i was 15years old i started demanding that i see my mom more often and my dad would let me, when i was 16 i went at the village to my mom and i found out that same year she tested HIV positive, that was 2006 my step dad had infected her because he had alot of other kids outside their marridge, thank God non of my siblings are infected with that deadly disease and my mom has lived a HIVĀ  positive life for 6years now. Last year in July my step dad past away because of this sickness, it was very hard for me looking at my siblings, they will have to live a life with out their father, he was like a father to me too, he loved me inspite the fact that he was a cheater he was a good father he cared for his kids. After my step father's death my mom started getting sick and sick shes been in and out of the hospital, she lost so much weight that she cant even walk, She spent her xmass and new years eve in bed and i as well didnt really enjoy this special days because my mom was not well , i had to always put on a brave face so that my sibling dont see how weak and scared i am i had to be strong for them, she was discharged from the hospital and now she is just at home they gave her medication and she is taking it the problem is everything she eats she vomits and this is causing her not to gain her body back, and i am AFRAID OF LOSING HER and my sibling are still young we all need her and sometimes she doesnt have an appetite let me say the majority of the times she craves for food when the food comes she doesnt want to eat it.

I love my mother.
I am scared i will lose her.
I can not afford to lose her.
Me and my siblings need her.
I need her to catch up on the lost times as i grew up away from her.
I plan to have my first child when i am 25yrs and i want her to see her grand kids.

I feel that life is so unfair that its trying to take away my happiness which is my MOM.

My mom understands me better then anyone and she gives me the best advice and she is always there i will be a nothing with out her and with out her i am doomed.
Tee1990 Tee1990
22-25, F
Jan 22, 2013