I Feel Like I Cause Her So Much Trouble, And I Don'T Know What I'D Do Without Her.

I'm having a lot of family problems at the minute- my mother and father are on the verge of splitting up- over me.
It's very complicated, my Dad brinks on abusive and I feel like crap a lot of the time- I've started suffering from depression due to the pressure of home and school as I am currently taking my GCSE exams (English end of high school exams for anyone who doesn't know) and it's gotten too much.
However, it looks like me and my mother are moving out and I am so grateful to her. She had struggled with standing up to my Dad for a while and I am so proud to have her. She has helped my so much with my problems and is great to talk to her, and I realise sometimes I can be grumpy and I know I don't always accept the help she tries to give me.
So this is just to say I love her to pieces, and I know I'd be nothing without her next to me.
Love you Mam!!
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2 Responses Feb 5, 2013

I hope things go better for you from now on!

I am so sorry to here of your problems. Hopefully your mother and you can start a better life once you both have a safe place to live. At your age you are suppose to be having fun with your friends.
I will say that I am concerned with you being depressed. There are free teen lines that you can call and talk with teens about your problem anosmosly. If your mother can not help you please seek professional help. You are to such a beatiful young lady to be going through this type of problems at your age.
I will pray for you that everything works out for you.