Who else here had a mom who disciplined them with spankings?  (By spanking I mean something more than one swat to get your attention.)  I was raised by a divorced mom in Michigan who believed in the rod and the paddle.

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my mom spank me all the time dad also but mom most bare btotom hair brush padd;e allways same lecture standing in front she pull down pants and undest put me over her knees an spank me till i was kicking crying howling out mom burns two holes in my butt all the time forget about sitting

mom spank me into teens years

I was raised by mom and dad, but she was the main spanker at home. I have a lot of good but stinging memories of her slipper accross my bare bottom. Dad spanked too, and really hard, sometimes with his belt, but that happened rarely.

I too was regularly spanked at home by mom bare over her lap with the hairbrush . Like swhotk it was the 50s and spanking happened quite often in the home and schools back then .

I grew up in the 50s with a spanking mom who routinely bared and spanked me over lap with a wooden hairbrush. In the 50s spanking was the norm at homes and at school. I was regularly spanked at home and all my friends were spanked as well.

yes back then it was so common to go to school next day with two bruised butts cheeks

Yes absolutely! All my siblings and I were spanked properly by Mom when we earned it growing up!

I was raised the same way and love my mom dearly

I was raised in the 50s by an older mom who used spanking as her primary form of punishment. From age 7 to 11 if I misbehaved my pants came down and I was hand spanked where ever I misbehaved and regardless of who was watching. When I turned 12 mom introduced my bare behind to her long handled wooden hairbrush which she used on me routinely until just before I turned 17, which was not uncommon in the Midwest in the 50s.

I do not remember dad ever spanking me, he worked and mom was a stay at home mom and discipline was her area. From age 11 to 14 I was spanked almost once a week and sometimes more than that. But I knew the rules and the consequences of misbehavior. Lots of my sore behinds were caused by my smart mouth.

My biological parents did not believe in spankings. Lord knows that I wanted either or both of them to do it and I gave them plenty of reason to do it. I wouldn't have cared how hard it was or what they might have used, pants up or completely naked. I NEEDED to get it from my real mom or dad. At the time I didn't understand why this was so, but it was a fact.
Just because they didn't do it, doesn't mean I didn't get spanked. I had Gram in my life and she believed in spanking me for almost anything that she thought was worthy of it. That line was pretty close and it didn't take very much for me to find myself standing in front of her while she pulled down my pants and underwear for a session over her knee. I would estimate that it happened about 2 or 3 times per week on average. It didn't take me long to realize that this was far more frequent than any other kid I knew but I didn't care and wouldn't have changed it even if I could have.
I have wondered if I'd be here on this site if mom and/or dad had ever smacked my bum. Maybe not, but I think I may have been wired in that direction anyway.

I was raised by a divorced mother who certianly believed in spanking when I misbehaved or disobeyed her. Her spanking hurt so much and would always make me cry. Yet when I finally stopped crying I felt an overwhelming feeling of love and respect for my mother. I would also want to show her that I learned my lesson. For example if she spanked me for a messy bedroom I would clean the whole house the next day.

Oh, yes, mom was more frequent a spanker than dad who was harsher and meaner. Mom was determined still to raise a world of hurt and did it efficiently until I was 15 or 16 and just to mature for her to stand spanking me. Hand, brush, spoon and belt were all in her arsenal.

i never get spank since i was a kid. but i always want to know how it feels to be spank...

At 19 I still get the belt for misbehavior by mom. When she decides that's enough without wasting time my skirt goes up panties down and I get spanked as if I was a little girl. Nevertheless I know she does it for my own good and I'm thankful to her for her care.

My mom was divorced when I was 4. She was able to keep things together, raise me and keep her own life going well. She was a firm believer in spanking and had a belt I am almost certain she wore out on me.<br />
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I am 29 and my mother can still and will put me over her knee

Yes, my mom was a firm believer in spankings!

My mom used to spank me plenty. She took me over her knee and spanked me bare bottomed. This occurred all throughout my childhood. My last spanking was when I was 18 and had stayed out too late one night, when I got home, mom was mad. She took me over her knee right there on the couch and gave me a good spanking. I was crying by the time the spanking ended.

Your Mom really cared. She had the weight of caring for you on her shoulders. You deserved a red, very red bottom!

katt07, would like to talk to you more if you wanted.

hey my mom used to do that too, arent our moms all the same?lol<br />
jst to let u noe, ur not alone:D<br />
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