Mum Smacked My Bottom

 My father was a civil servant and I must say very lazy.  He was missing from my early years as he was in the army and I lived with mum and her parents.  We had quite a happy household and it was not until he came home that my behaviour deteriorated.  He was a selfish man and something of a bully.  If he was in a good mood then life was great but in a bad mood he was quite frightening.  He never punished me formally - mum did that - but often clipped me around the ear which was quite frightening.  As I say my behaviour deteriorated and I became rather devious and badly behaved.  Mum often smacked my legs but it was not until I was about 9 that she gave me my first formal bottom smacking.   I had been put over mum's knee for a few smacks before but this was the first formal and painful smacking I had received until then.  About half a mile from where we lived was a pub with a bowling green.  I used to sit on the wall and watch;  mum found out and told me not to go there.  The men were drinking and the occasional swear word was used but I couild not understand the ban and kept going.  One evening the time flew by and mum came looking for me and found me watching the bowlers.  She was furious and said "wait until we get home".  When we got home she ran a bath and told me to get in.  She then helped to bathe and dry myself.  My pyjamas were in the airing cupboad and when I was dry I started to put them on.  She told me not to put the pyjama bottoms on yet and to go to my bedroom.  I didn't understand this at first but then realised to my horror that she was probably going to smack my bare bottom.  Sure enough she followed me into the bedroom and told me to lie over bed face down.  I did this slowly but finally I was in position with my face in my pillows and my bare bottom presented for a smacking.  She said "Now Michael I told you to keep away from that pub but you defied me and now your bottom is to be smacked.  In future do as you are told".  Then she commenced to smack me hard.  In no time I was in tears but the smacking went on and on until my bottom was deep red and smarting terribly - the pain seemed to mount until it was unbearable.  Eventually she finished and left the room.  I cried myself to sleep.  When I woke the next morning I felt a certain stiffness in my behind and then remembered the events of the previous evening.  I think the shock and humiliation of that punishment and ones that  followed coloured the rest of my life and sexuality.

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What age was your last then?

I guess that Michaels experience is very similar to my own. Both my parents were teachers and corporal punishment was used when necessary. Consequently I grew up with a healthy respect for authority, mainly because as a little boy I hated my mum smacking my bottom because it hurt so much. If my bad behaviour was at the weekend it was Dad who spanked me and from the age of a bout 12 he caned me but before I was caned my mum smacked me on my bare bottom. One of the most lasting memories was when I was 19 she spanked me on my bare bottom before dad caned me. The embarrassment was something I have never forgotten and the fear of the cane really kept me on the straight and narrow. I always deserved the punishment I was given and certainly did not either resent it or hate my parents for administering it. I probably only got caned about 10 times at home and 5 times at school. At home it was always on the bare bottom (no pyjama trousers) and usually at school you only had to drop your trousers but just once the Headmaster caned me on my bare bottom.<br />
I am just little surprised that Michaels mum left him to cry himself to sleep, one of my parents always stayed in the bedroom until I fell asleep. Wherever possible both my parents administered my punishment, apparently to show me that they were in total agreement which meant I could never try to play one off against the other. The next day my parents were extra loving and nothing more was said about my poor sore bottom. This is particularly interesting because the girl next door (6 months younger) used to say she wished that when she was naughty her parents spanked her instead of ignoring her for a week or so when she misbehaved. She used to say she thought they did not love her, I knew my parents really loved me and I always felt totally secure and safe. Having a sore bottom was a small price to pay for their love.

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