My Mom Is Awesome, Is Awesome (High Pitch Voice)

Hahah the title is a joke from the move "I Love You, Man" if you haven't seen it you have too, it's a great movie.

But anyway my mom is pretty awesome. She definitely shows her love for me and my little brother. She works hard at work but doesn't make a lot of money, she's nice to EVERYONE. Everyone she knows likes her. She's never annoyed or frustrated...if she is she's not showing it. Although at times she has broken down before.

I feel bad for her because my dad doesn't treat her well. It's not an abusive relationship, but it's just not a healthy one.

I'm just waiting to grow up, make lots of money, and make my parents happy. I don't think most of the time they're not, so hopefully when they retire I will be able to help them out.

TheAsianSensation TheAsianSensation
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 17, 2010

Oh sweetheart Asian Sensation! You're a really nice person with a heart in the right place, I just hope that your parents deserve the kind of treatment you're aiming to provide them with, on the one hand, and, on the other, that you don't rethink your priorities over the next few years. Can your money really make your parents happy? I certainly hope so, for you and for them both. In my experience, though, it just may take more than good intentions, which you certainly have. The best of luck to you and to your parents.