The morning began slowly. I generally like to be on the path early. It just starts the day out right. But I felt lazy this morning… the kind of relaxed state that is luxurious. And, I’m nursing a sore back (a badly performed yoga move :(

So, I lazed my way through my morning coffee, then decided to have some breakfast (I usually only have a hard boiled egg, or a piece of cheese, or a bite or two of left over cold chicken or pork… whatever’s in the fridge to hold me until I’m back from my walk and make breakfast).

The bugs are so bad this time of year, I don’t shower until I’m back from my walk… bugs love the smell of soap, deodorant, perfume, hair product… but the upside is that sun block is a pretty effective repellant for me… except this time of year when the bugs are at their absolute worst. It’s like they know their time is limited—the first frost isn’t that far off and it’s deadsville for them… literally :)

So, that means I have to milk myself all up with mosquito milk… which is actually a fairly mild smell but I don’t like it. Most of the summer I apply sun block and set a pretty strong intention that the bugs will leave me alone—with a fair amount of success. Until this time of year when they are like… like… VAMPIRES!

Which is why, I wait to shower until I return :)

It was close to 9 AM when I walked into the meadow today. There is a fog alert in this area for the next few days and I thought I’d timed it just about right so that I’d catch the fog burning off the lowlands but I was too late—it had already lifted. The sun shone beyond brilliant and I could just feel it was going to be a fabulous walk.

Too late for bunnies… and apparently the deer were off in some other part of the forest… but oh! I saw two great white egrets and a young adult heron… an orchard oriole (my absolute fav bird) and all the while, that coy pileated woodpecker called and called… but would not show himself. He is the biggest tease in town.

I’ve been watching for him all summer. I thought we had a deal that he’d show himself to me by summer’s-end.

It’s not looking good, folks. I hear him all the time… and he rustles through the trees doing his imitation of Woody Woodpecker. He’s big. Fast. Loud. Very playful. And elusive. I think he’s flirting with me, LOL :)

I did not walk alone. The energies came close, keeping me company every step of the way. See for yourself :)

One annoying little detail… the best video I took today was of the great white egret flying down by the lake. But, the foresters were on site, removing dead trees. So I have a fun shot of a flying egret with a buzz saw screeching in the background.

The buzz saw is also in the background of the footage I caught of light worker and angel energy...

A determined duck flew hard into the wind... to the accompaniment of a buzz saw :(

More lightworker and angel energy. This one is quieter...

The sun energies were strong:

And the streaming celestials as stunning as ever...

The sun played star patterns on the water...

And then I got to see the great white egret again when I reached the back marsh. An intricate "air ballet".

Well, that's about it. Except to say that breakfast was a pile of pancakes, turkey bacon and a 3-cheese omlette :)

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you found a little something of interest here.

Soft breezes and light to all!

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2 Responses Aug 20, 2014

LOL... the vampires will be gone soon enough... it's turning colder at night :) Yes... it's a joy to have this kind of natural beauty around me. Grateful, grateful, grateful!

You were BUSY this morning! I am laughing at the chain saw melody!
That's life, very "real." Lol. I love the clever page flip thing you do,
Nature Girl. oxo

K-dart, you're so good to always read and comment. Thank you :)) Yes... busy... and lazy (both). And how are the bright colors in your world, today???

I am enjoying an excellent, stress free time in life right now. Say! I'm going to go light a candle and say thank you. MUWAH. Loves yerzzzzzz.