They've All Loved Me

But, my last one died a few years ago a couple years after her husband so currently I have no motherinlaw to dote on me.  Shucks!  They even made special vegetarian dishes for me.

dorobo dorobo 70+, M 2 Responses Jun 13, 2008

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Wonderful reply. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. You have hit it on the head! Live long, love well and compliment others.

YAY!!! TRY This???

Remember to treat others the way you wish to be treated.

Start practicing some real deep self-Love. ( From the inside out)

You have the Breath of Life and Love inside you honor it.

Remember to Love, Protect and Share it for yourself & others.

Do the same for the Temple (your body) your Breath of Life & Love resides within.

Once you accomplish this the universe will forgive your transgressions.

Your life will take on better choices and outcomes.

If Love does not reside in the self can you expect others to Love you???

Keep trying Your Creator has things in control more than you think.

Much Love & HUGS, livingwell