My Mama

she may not have always been perfect,she may not have all the answers.but she has alway`s been there in the fire with me.when i had my surgerys she was there.when i`ve needed help she was there.when i need someone to talk to she is always there.i may not always have been the perfect child but she understood my challenges.and for that,i am eternially thankfull that god gave me such a understanding and loving mother.

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I always love my mother so much. She is my everything. Though she does not live with me on this earth, my unique love for her still exists forever more. All her belongings remain at their same places. They are the most precious gifts for me. I always wish she were her with me. She left me on March 2, 2012 at hospital due to pneumonia. I have a lot of her photos every where in the house. I talk to her in front of her pictures everyday day and night. I embrace the clothes she dressed in her last day so as to smell the scent of hers. It is because I miss her so much and she is no longer be with me in the rest of my life. I found the letters she wrote to me in the closet of her bedroom. I read them over and over again and I discover so many of her feelings

Hello, I loved my mother very much. I lost her when she was just 57 due to cancer.Due to cercumstances beyond my control I couldn't even be at her bedside when she died and that thought has never left me. Not just to be there but what she would have said to me in her last moments. I miss her DEARLY.<br />
here on earth

First I would like to tell you that I love your name,I too love my mother so much,I am willing to stop enturnty just for her. I am so blessed to have an angel for a mother. She blessed me by asking God to bring her me, Then when I was in her womb my great great grandmother asked my mother to name me after her,,, she is my grairdian angel,,,she is with me all the time,,,she is proud of me for being here with my mother,,,and my mother is proud of me too,,,she thinks I am amazing at time then there are other times she wishes that I was her child again so she could have controll,,,anyway loving you for loving your mother,,,God,Goddess will bless you for that,,,Mothers are as important as Father,,,,love and light mary