When I was around 12 my mom started dressing in more revealing clothing after she broke up with her boyfriend. My father was long gone and my sister was away in college so it was just me and mom in the house. She said she was lonely and insisted I start sleeping in her bed. She would bend over wearing short skirts and thongs. She would sleep topless and encourage me to practice french kissing with her so I could be "ready for girls when I started high school". She made me play a game called "kiss the girl" where I had to chase her around the house and give her 10 kisses so she would let me play my Nintendo 64. This went on for 2 months until after my mom got back together with her boyfriend and one day shortly after she came in my room crying telling me that if I told anyone about our kissing games or sleeping naked together her boyfriend would kill us. I never spoke of it again until my mom died 2 years later after being raped and killed by her boyfriend who is now on death row.
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Just like a typical nasty *** white family. Y'all nasty *** hell. Let me guess, your friend ***** his sister & you're a sociopath 😂😂


I ended up telling my sister who is my best friend and we cry together as well as fantasy the day where we can reunite with her.