I Love My Mother

 i love my mother to death..you know i know that my mother did the things to me when i was little for my own good.when i was little i wanted to wear a short shirt well i went out the door with it on getting ready for school i didnt think my mother saw me leave but guess what she did.she said young lady where are you going i said to school she said not with that dam short shirt on i said why?she said you are still wet behind the ears and my daughter dont go nowhere with that on.i yes yes mam,so i went back into the house and put pants on,but im 44 years old and i knowed why my mother did that for its was because she loved me alot and didnt wht me to get in trouble i thank god every day that she said that to me she was a very smart women i love you mother with all my heary love your baby girl reva

jean44 jean44
1 Response Mar 25, 2009

All mons that love their children try there best to protect them from things in life they are not ready for.Moms do take a beating when trying to help their children.I'm glad you trusted your mom's words.We need more moms like her.Have a great day!