My Wife An Motorcycles

I have owned four motorcycle over the past twenty years. I currently have a Yamaha Vstar 1100, I love this bike. I go riding a good bit but i i would feel guilty for leaving her behind if she was home. ( oh by the way we have been married for nineteen years ) She did not want to learn how a motorcycle, so I bought her a scooter. I thought this would be something we could reconnect over. Any of you who ride know the indescribable joy you get from riding and the only way to understand it is to do it. Well she was happy enough that I got it for her but you can't guess how this turned out.
She got her helment on, with some help. I went over the scooter with her and we headed out. She was doing fine, then she came upon a sharp curve and she panicked. You need to understand while the curve was sharp there was no danger if you ran off the road. If you left the road you would ride off into a level grass field. My wife entered the curve doing about 30 mph, saw she could not make the curve and locked the breaks down hard. This led to the crash not a half of mile from our house.
She ended up with a broke leg and now three month later, a 3000.00 scooter, and a 6000.00 surgery she don't want to get back on again.
I just want something that we can do together again. Any suggestions ?
Paul34dsmith Paul34dsmith
41-45, M
1 Response Nov 13, 2011

I think maybe you should take up knitting?? :)