My Baby.

I picked her up new, the salesman said I should have gotten a 600 to learn on and then traded up. Boy am I glad I went strait for the 1000. It took about an hour to get used too and only took me a month to get 5k miles on her, I have taken her through the desert trails, down the beaten path through the mountain, offroad, the race track and everywhere in between, I have even taken it camping on the beech. I love her.

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3 Responses Feb 15, 2010

I started on 600, and it has been fine. I don't use the full power like some maniac kids. You can be gentle with 600. My bike is not as heavy as other 600s, still little under 400 lb, but weight is not much problem. I am glad that I didn't start off with 250

I laughed when I read this. I started on a 49cc mini-bike. There have been many since then, but the current zx14 is by far the favorite. There is no substitute for power - I hope you enjoy.<br />
Stay upright. :-)

even a 600 is too much for the first one. I hope you won't regret this decision. I started with a 125.