It's Not Fancy... can't hold a zillion songs...only a gig, but about 250 songs at a time is all I really need....

Mine clips on my clothes, so I don't need a pocket or a fancy case....

It's great for doing dishes...taking a walk...writing...ignoring the kids when they are way too loud...

I love to cook dinner to AC/DC...well, just about anything is better with AC/DC....

I'm so glad I got one...this one was a present on my 40th birthday...before that, my last stint with mobile music was a walkman cd was heavy, skipped all the time...made my hand get all cramped and sweaty holding it...and it chewed through batteries too fast....

Technology is amazing...remember the huge boom boxes we carried around in the 80's?  Everyone had to listen along with, with earbuds I am in a private world, colored with the music of my choosing...and unless I start doing the Eddie Murphy "Roxanne" thing, no one knows what I'm listening to!




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3 Responses Aug 2, 2008

That story made me laugh .
I am same as you I use my IPhone
With music on all day.
Sure helps get through day .
I put it on showering my daughter and stays on till afternoon sleep time.
Then while she sleeps,I put headphones on.
My daughter sings along to music with me.
I may have only 3year old that likes Joe Cocker.
That's life

I too, love my mp3 pla<x>yer. It's a Sansa 512 MB that has 375 songs. I take music from my cd collection to load it with. Mp3 takes more space than wma files. So, I convert the desired cd tracks to wma and transfer them into the pla<x>yer. Of course this only works with pla<x>yers that will play mp3 or wma audio. Using your own cd collection is safer and cheaper than dowloading.

I have one too I go to and download some techno music for my workout! Mine's a cheapo Nexstar.