I Think My Mum Is Amazing!

You can say that my mum is my weakness point, I don’t really care about people or their opinions but I care about my mum. I love her so much and I’d never hurt her, though I know that sometimes I do, but I don’t intent it, and it hurts me to know that I hurt her!

Why do I love her that much?
Well, I’m not gonna tell you long stories about how we’re so close that we are friends and… etc. we never was, I wasn’t that close to her when I was growing up, and to be honest there is SO MUCH that my mum doesn’t know about me!
I started to get closer to her last year, still I haven’t reached the place where I can tell her everything, or my secrets, and I don’t think that I’ll ever reach it as you can’t change a whole life, and a whole relationship! But I started to feel her pain and how much she sacrificed for me!

Of course I’ve always loved her, but I love her more now, I feel the love and I started to understand that love as I grew up, I became a woman and I realized that there were many things missing her during these long years she spent in misery but she never left!
My Dad was never a dad nor was he a husband! He treated her wrong, he was so irresponsible, careless, never ever took responsibility for ANYTHING, and she had to raise six kids on her own. They weren’t divorced but they were separated for a long time, since I was born I guess! But she never left, and she never asked for a divorce, she could’ve left all the responsibilities behind her, but she never did.

She chose to live in misery in order to raise her children well, she never think of herself, and she has always put her kids in her very first priorities! I know she had a really really hard time raising us, but she was so strong to face all the problems, and she gave up everything, her family, her life, her heart everything and anything for her kids, I believe I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for her, and I will never be able to pay her back, how do you pay a mother who sacrificed her life for you?!
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Aww, Your mom is a Holy woman... live in misery in order to raise her children well, as You said, is the MOST great sacrifice a mom could do for her children.<br />
Be proud of her, sure God reserve a special place for her in His Paradise...<br />
God Bless Your Mother !

We can never pay back our mothers for all they sacrificed just to keep us fed, clothed, educated and raised properly. This is a nice tribute to yours :-)

you're a lucky girl and your mother sounds amazing;) I wish I had a mother like yours but unfortunately mine is lost in her own vanity she doesnt love anyone except herself I tried to love her and tried my best to embrace her as "my mom" but umm I guess at some point you just have to let go...

That is an awesome story. A lot of mothers make big sacrifices for their children. My mom sacrificed a lot for me and my siblings.

We are lucky to have them right?! :)
Let's try to pay them just a little of what they gave us!