When we used to live together we rarely got on. We didn't argue that much we just stayed out of the way. Both parents drunk a bit more than normal and that meant life was quite unpredictable. Were they arguing or laughing? I felt like a burden to her and one day she actually commented to my Dad that she 'hated' me. Our relationship was complicated as everyday I had told her about feeling sick and certain symptoms happening to me which she ignored and told me to stop being silly. Finally after 6 months she took me to the Doctors then my Dad took me back and I was rushed to hospital. I was in hospital for 5 days and diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis. She took the blame quite a lot and I think for this reason she tried to rubbish my illness.

When she got chucked out of our house by dad she made it difficult. She only left when my little sister told her that she was loosing us.

2 years later and she is engaged to her boyfriend and she lives a 4-5 hour train journey away. We go down to see her every few months for a week. Our relationship is better than ever. She loves having us there and makes a fuss of us. We go shopping, we talk, and best of all we actually enjoy eachothers company. When we are not down there we talk on the phone loads. When I am feeling down I phone her and she always makes me feel so much better. I find it amazing how she went from someone who made me feel like a Burden and a bother to someone I cherish and treasure who makes me feel so loved and secure. I know without a doubt that she will always be there for me. She even researches my illness and every medication I'm on. She is so supportive now. And I love her.


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22-25, F
Jun 13, 2008