I Visited Mum This Afternoon

Mum was seated on her favourite chair, taking her lunch, porridge. She looked serene. She smiled when she saw me. I bent to plant a kiss on her wrinkled cheek. She was happy.

There were eight of us. Dad was a bus driver. His pay was not enough to feed a family of ten. I remember mum waking at the wee hours, cooking. Every morning, before the sun rises, she would have prepared two huge pots, one containing fish porridge and the other, fried noodles. After dishing out a good portion for us as breakfast, she would sell her food to factory workers near a bus-stop. She would be home in two hours with two empty pots. In the afternoons, she would sew for friends and neighbours and received token sums for her service. I was about eight years old then.

By sixteen, I was 5 feet 3 inches. And I still am, thanks to yoga, which i learned the basics when I was eighteen. It was a beginners course but I still practice yoga till today. The stretches... ahhhhh..... Well, mum was 5 feet 3 inches then. She was the one who pointed it out to me one day, that I have grown to be as tall as her. Every day when I got home after school, warm lunch would be ready and waiting, followed by a bowl of sliced fruit.

Mum has shrunk to 4 feet 7 inches now.. osteoporosis.. she looked so tiny....

We chatted. She did most of the talking, lol... She enjoyed the time we had together. It was good.

Soon, it was time for me to leave. I hugged her gently cos she is so fragile. I sat her down on her rocker and kissed her goodbye. 

Mum is 83 this year. Gone are her youthful energy, but I thank God she is healthy.

Ma, I love you.


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4 Responses Oct 15, 2009

yes! its true. you are a smart man!!

Feisty ladies warrant respect, and I always listen to them, because their points of view are usually well-founded :)

She has a temper though. You don't like her when she angry, lol.. What can I say.. she is a passionate lady!

That's a very loving story :) ...