Me And My Mums Clothes

one night my mum saidcum into my bedroom so i did i was in my boxer shorts on she took her top off and i saw her black bra and i got a bona she was talking to me y i take her clothing ii told her and she gave me her bra , thong ,nice lovly sexy top , lovley skirt and tights and makeup she said put that on we was kissing she is single i put my hand on her boobs and they are nice and big now i have got my own clothes to put on so i dont have to steal them i am not gay but i just love to feel , wear and masturbrate with them i love my mum now for giving me here clothes

we are going shopping 2moz for my bra size and to see what naughty toys they have in store from ann summers
Sexyboy1997 Sexyboy1997
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Send me some pics of your mums bras and I'll send you some of mine and my wife's