Music Is An Essential Element In My Life

In my life, music is an essential element.  It's not a luxury, but an absolute necessity.  Music holds the power to alter my mood and state of mind, inspire me, provoke thought, stir emotions, and bring about insight.  A favorite song has the ability to transform a day from dull to dazzling; from melancholy to sublime; from stifled to prolific.  I would be desperate if denied my music, for it is equal to oxygen for the living, insulin for the diabetic, dialysis for renal failure. 
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4 Responses Feb 27, 2011

Thanks for reading and responding to my post, Puckster. I know you're a music fan as well; I see you rockin' that guitar in your avatar picture, my dear friend! I truly appreciate your reference to my post as being verbalized eloquently. Thanks again, sugar!

Groovimax, you're so silly! My fingers merely typed the thoughts and feelings that originated in my brain. Lol. Thanks once again for the compliments, darlin'. You're too kind, really!

So true for so many of us, and so eloquently said.

Exactly how I feel! I gotta have my tunes!