Bad Mom

For over a year i have proudly worn my hair loced, i love my hair and i can feel such a difference in the way i feel about myself. I feel powerful and so beautiful. My dilemma is that i have a six year old little girl, who had very curly hair and combing her hair was such torture for her and me. So i allowed her to get texturize to loosen her curl and it really made combing her hair so much easier. Her hair has really grown way pass her shoulders and it is very healthy, but i feel that maybe now since i have more information and i know what products to use that i could stop using the texurizer, but i don't want to damage her hair so i need advice on how i can transtion her hair back to its natural state with out any breakage.  I need all the advice to help me with this dilemma.

ebaby37 ebaby37
Aug 23, 2010