New Transitioner And Im Hanging In There

Well i just started transitioning about a month ago. and my last relaxer was about 6 months ago and it did not go so well. i was chemically burned and my hair is STILL falling out every time i wash it.(which is once a week) i have a lot of breakage. My hair has been shoulder length all my life and i am ready to have natural long healthy hair and i am so anxious to cut all my relaxed hair off but i don't want to do it and not like it. i am still working on hair products too. i have no idea where to start i walk in the store and i want to collapse because all of the options. I think my hair type is 3c and 4a but i only hair about 2 inches of new growth so its hard to determine. i am bi-racial but i have super thick hair and a lot of it. i am so anxious to BC! thank you for reading and joining me in my journey XOXOXO. :)
kyleesmiley kyleesmiley
18-21, F
Dec 1, 2012