New To This Process, Any Advice?

I am 22 year old, young woman! I have made up my mind to go natural after 7 months of consideration. I am basically here seeking advice about this transition.

-First off, growing up my hair was relaxed every month on the same day since i was 3.
-My mom was never the type to worry with breakage, split ends, or any other type of damage. At long as my hair was straight enough to get the comb through she was happy.
-I started combing my own hair when i made 13, thought i was grown. Started perming my own hair when I was 16.
-By the time I was 18, I started giving myself a perm every 2 months.
-Last time I permed my hair was Nov. 7, 2012

Here's where I need help

I have the type of hair that doesn't hold any moisture, but i never treated my scalp or hair EVER. I also sweat in my head sometimes, more then others,

I know this process is very different and takes alot more work, but I am willing to do it. So is there any advice someone can offer me on the transition process, how much heat to use and how much not to use, the best type of treatment, how often should i wash my hair and moisturize? How should i protect my hair at night?
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