I Love It Short

When I was a little girl, everyone wanted to do my hair, but I was a tomboy I did not want to sit down to get my hair done I rather go outside and play instead of getting my hair done. 

Well, one day I said to my parents that I wanted my hair cut, and my father nearly flipped out.  I shouted back to him that he was jealous because he had no hair in the middle (LOL).  My mother would always tell me if I cut my hair real short that it would be curly.  Well, to make a long story short I started cutting my hair short in my 20, but I would always have to style it, to me that took to much time especially, when I had a small son, and trying to get to work on time.

So, one day I went to my hair dresser, and I asked him to cut it short, and I mean short where basically that I do not have any hair to style, well he left me some on top but my back and sides were short enough that I did not have to put a curling iron to them, I was in love I started wearing my hair short and every 2 weeks I would go and get it cut.

Today I still wear it short were I only have to wash it and go, at night I tie it down, and in the morning I just have to take a brush to it, and out the door I go.  I just love my natural hair.  Weaves and hair extensions are not for me, and I find that most of my male friends like it because as they tell me they do not have to worry about getting their fingers tangled up.


fruitopia fruitopia
46-50, F
Jan 22, 2010