Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Tonight I came home and drove the alleyway behind our houses. Our garages are all rear entry with one shared long stretch of driveway so it's rather active with everyone coming and going all the time. The community pool is back there and our community play area. Tonight driving down the alley I stopped to talk three different times with people about the weather, our dogs, the new trail and getting together to visit.  These are people I know but am not particularly close with.  

As I came into my house from the detached garaged I noticed a neighbor who has a key to my house at my breakfast bar sitting there waiting for my son it turns out.  She had a great new haircut and is getting married soon so there was lots to talk about. 

I walked out with my dog to go for a little walk and found two neighbors with their dogs sitting at the rest area on the trail behind our neighborhood the city has just completed. They were talking and drinking tea before the sun went down. We talked some more about going to a movie soon, their careers, the sunset and plans for the summer while the dogs wrestled around yipping and barking.

On my way back I passed the community pool where one of my neighbors sat eating dinner with her two grown daughters. She waved me over and our dogs snuggled down together.  We work in the same field so we caught up fora little while. 

Then off in the distance I noticed a man I dated lightly for a while. He was jogging the trail with a neighbor's dog. We waved and approached to catch up. It's been a while since we've seen each other but we made plans for a few weeks from now. 

As I turned to head back inside a neighbor waved and honked out of her truck as it backed out of her garage... "are you feeling better? I hear Pam is back soon!" (pam is another neighbor)

The activity level here is very high. There are about 60 families that live here and I can say I count at least half of them as friends. It's like Desperate Housewives around here, except no one ever gets murdered. 
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2 Responses May 16, 2012

Thanks for telling us about your neighborhood. It sounds great.<br />
I used to have a little of that where I live now, then one by one all my favorite neighbors moved away and the area has kinda gone downhill a little. When my wife and I moved in, a bunch of folks came over to help and welcomed us. We had beer gatherings in our garage and others. Good luck working on your car alone because you won't be alone for long!<br />
Sadly, my neighbor across the street from me had a chimney fire. He sent his three little kids to my place while I called 911. I calmed the kids down while the whole block helped put the fire out before the firetrucks arrived. Later, I had my jackets on his kids and joking with them to relieve the tension when their Mom came driving down the street. I flagged her down and told her everyone is okay and where her husband was. <br />
My point is, neighbors are great sometimes, especially when you need them.

You are so right. Recently I had a disaster at my house myself and my neighbors have been fantastic. Truly wonderful support. Keep up that good bond if you can.

You have a found a nice little slice of heaven,that is awesome.People in my neighborhood all have jobs that has them traveling so I rarely see them let alone know them.That is great what you have there.Thanks for sharing a very nice story.