Little Gentleman

I am sure that kid will grow up to be a gentleman who knows manners!

When we go out shopping, he wants to carry all the bags, of course I cannot let him do that, but it is just funny, he acts like a gentleman, he also carries his sisters bags when he is half their hight! lol!

Then the other day we were watching Tom and Jerry, I pretended that I am scared of the evil dog, and he was like "Don't be scared Aunty, I am next to you!!" LOL! He is adorable, it just makes me laugh, he is such a little gentleman!

MissGaga MissGaga
26-30, F
2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

Cute! Hopefully he will stay that way when he is a husband! :)

That's why he has the same nickname I have hehe (jk)
He is really sweet masha'Allah :)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH You know, I just noticed now! Well, if he grows up to be as sweet as you I will be very happy! =)